The Man Bun

The Man bun, otherwise known as the Bro Knot, Bro Bun, Mun, and the newest one to us, The Stallion Tail.

Whatever name you choose, at the end of the day it all means the same thing: a questionably sexy men’s hairstyle for guys with medium to long hair. This style has been around for a while, but recently has taken over the hair world. I feel as though Jared Leto and the hipster revolution may have had something to do with it. Girls have a run for their money when it comes to becoming style icons now because we’re competing with the likes of all this gorgeous guy hair. There’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day, and you show up to your man with his hair on point, but this is our new reality ladies.

Before you jump on the ‘bun-wagon’ you need to consider a few things. As stated above, this is a hairstyle that is meant for guys with medium to long hair. Do not attempt a topknot if it’s going to be a nub. A nub is also known as a micro bun – a look that is very hard to pull off, even for a woman. Secondly, if we can tell you have styled your hair into a bun, and it actually looks like a bun, the sexy factor is gone and now you’re just a boy with a bun. The effortless look of the “I-just-rolled-out-of-a-bed-and-I’m-sweaty-and-greasy” is what makes it oh so sexy!

The difference between a good bun and a bad bun comes down to the manscaping taking place behind the scenes. If you plan on pulling it up, a clean neckline is crucial. Nobody wants to see neck stubble. This extends to other hair, too. We need to see a separation between the hair on your head and the hair on your back hair, ok boys? Keep it tight and right in all the correct places, and your flow will be on point.

The number one rule is to keep it real. You heard it here first, there are in fact clip-in man buns on the market. Unless you are purchasing it for a Halloween costume, keep that shit in the store.

If you plan on growing out your hair, you need to care for it. Nobody wants to see frizzy bro hair. Use a light moisturizing shampoo and a daily conditioner, and deeply moisturize at least once a week to keep your locks luscious. Prep your hair post shower with a light leave-in conditioner.