How to Care for Your Hair this Summer

It doesn’t get much better than summer in the Okanagan – beautiful beaches, endless sunshine, and long summer nights spent with friends and family. We all work our butts off and endure gruelling work out sessions and weeks of wine-free grumpiness just to prepare our bodies for bikinis and beers at the beach. Our wardrobe consists of sun dresses, beach shoes, shredded denim, and our favourite sunnies.

Work concentration is that of a fly at best, and leading up to any long weekend your boss writes you off by Wednesday. Amidst all the fun we still want to look great and of course us girls want that perfect ‘look-I-just-got-out-of-the-water-and-have-perfect-hair’ hair. The Pomme squad is asked multiple times a day how to keep hair feeling healthy and looking great through the sun, wind, and sand that the rest of our bodies crave so much.

Keeping your hair moisturized is so important all year round, but especially when you are spending most of your day outdoors. Wind and sun are among the top aggressors for your hair, and keeping your locks protected is necessary if you want beach waves and not beach dreads. A deep conditioning masque once a week will keep your cuticle healthy and your hair sealed and shiny. Pureology Hydra Whip is a Pomme Salon favourite for all hair types.


Reducing your hot tools during the hot summer months will keep your ends stronger and less prone to splits. If you are heading out for a beach day, spray your hair with a protectant and wrap it up into a knot while you are getting beach ready in the morning. The protectant will help to seal the cuticle and leave your hair soft and wavy without adding any extra hot styling tools



If you are sea salt kind of girl – go easy sister – don’t over do the salt spray. A little bit goes a long way, and there are alternative next day sprays to re-activate the salt already in your hair. Use a saltier spray day one, and go for a lighter hold to re-activate your hair for a beautiful day two look. L’Oreal Professional Beach Waves is the perfect next day beach spray with a light sea salt texture.

beach waves spray

To maintain your fresh salon shine, use a hydrating colour protecting shampoo and conditioner combo. Most colour protecting shampoos are full of shine agents to bring out your glossiest hair ever!

These helpful hints will keep your hair looking great whether you’re at the beach, your sisters wedding, or exploring the many wineries the Okanagan has to offer!

– The Pomme squad!