Ready or not, it’s wedding season

I’m at the age where most of my summer vacation days will be spent clinking a glass to the happy couple. Chances are you’re attending at least one wedding this season, too. And wedding season is expensive – even if you’re not a part of the wedding. A lot of that boils down to wedding prep – the dress, the hair, the makeup – making your look. I think we can all agree it’s social suicide to wear a repeat ‘look’ to more than one ceremony. It would be an absolute disaster if that cousin-in-law twice removed and remarried spotted you with the same hairstyle or dress! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be spending all of my hard earned money purchasing a new wedding appropriate dress every Friday either.

The girls at Pomme Salon have experienced a few weddings over the years, both a part of them and observing from the outside with our hot tools in tow. We’ve come up with a few ‘wedding essential’ tips that will get you through the heat waves, drunk uncles, and annoying aunts asking why you still aren’t married.


Choose a dress that you can repeat by changing a few small details. At the beginning of wedding season invest in one, maybe two staple dresses that you can wear again and again, and nobody will ever know. The key to this is colour. Choose a solid, neutral colour with a flattering cut for your body and change it up with accessories, and shoes. As the seasons wears on and it starts getting cooler, opt for a cover up. Go for a colour that is on trend and, of course, always avoid white. Adding a kimono and jewelry can give you a completely different look for a very low cost.


Change your hair. A lot of girls go for the classic loose curls, or chignon up-do. If you want to keep your friends and family guessing, treat yourself and see a stylist for a look that you might not usually wear. If you’re heading to an unfamiliar city, consult with your your regular salon for a stylist friend in that city they can recommend. Ensure you appointment by booking at the salon as soon as you know when the wedding is. After all you are competing with actual wedding parties.


Maintain your look throughout the day. Often times, weddings begin early afternoon and leave little time for costume changes between the ceremony and dinner. Prepare for a long day and bring reinforcements. Not even super sweat protector will keep your make-up from dripping off, and your hair from falling in 40+ degree heat. Pack you clutch with blotting papers, powder, and your favourite lipstick to keep your face feeling fresh. If you’re wearing your hair down, pack a dry powder to sprinkle on to absorb the sweat and moisture and keep your hair voluminous. If you reach for a traditional hairspray the alcohol in the spray will become sticky from the heat and you will loose shine and softness in your look – be warned. L’Oreal Professionnel Texture Dust a great powder to use, and it’s purse size!



If you’re wearing your hair up (good choice!) pack a travel size light-hold shine spray and bobby pins. No doubt a pin may slip out, and grabbing an extra one from your purse is much quicker than crawling around the dance floor in search of that mystery pin. A shine spray will keep your look fresh, and any frizz that rears its ugly head can be tamed without making your hair look sticky from a hairspray. L’Oreal Professionel Crystal Gloss is a great product for this. Bonus! It’s purse size.


Cash is key. Never go to a wedding empty handed because there’s a good chance the bar is cash only! Never take a risk of missing out on that cocktail (we get it, it’s your eighth wedding of the year, you need a drink to get through the toasts).


Bring backup shoes. By the end of the night the entire dance floor will most likely be barefoot. Keep your toes clean, and pack a pair of flats to swap out so you can dance the night away.

Party Pants

Bring them, and wear them loud and proud. Remember, this day isn’t about you, it’s about the bride and groom. Even though you’ve spent the last seven Saturdays with Aunt Fran, enjoy the moment and enjoy the party!

These tips will get you through this years wedding season, while avoiding repeat outfit offending, and keep you looking fresh for photos late into the night.


-Pomme Salon