It’s a ’90s World, We’re Just Living In It!

It was a cold winter day and we were hanging poolside at Grandma’s house. Grandma and Grandpa had probably the coolest house you can imagine with a full-sized indoor pool. It was somewhere in the mid ‘90s and my sister and I were feeling fly – side pony and a scrunchie for me, and crimped hair and a half-up pony tail for my sister. We were the coolest kids around. Fast forward to 2015 and I feel like I am raiding that young rockstars closet daily. The ‘90s are back, and I am more than ok with it.

The simple ingredient to the perfect ‘90s look is to keep it inspired. Don’t actually pull out your mom jeans from ’95. Keep it fresh and new. Don’t blend in with your mom’s friend who actually hasn’t changed her closet since “Sells Like Teen Spirit” was released. There are some looks that are meant to stay in the respective decade, but the team at Pomme is guilty of accepting and embracing almost all of the trends that have made a fast and fierce comeback. Mickey mouse, scrunchies, and seriously awesome hair are just some of our favourites that have resurfaced over the past year.

nicole - 90s grunge

Although I have constant nostalgia everyday, and I feel like it’s too soon for the ‘90s to be back, I am quickly learning that my adorable 19 year-old new talent stylist has no idea who the Spice Girls are, and actually doesn’t care if Dawson’s Creek is ever going to be on Netflix. With that, I decided to embrace getting older by colouring my hair grunge purple and throwing it in a half pony.

Of course the hair we have seen over the past few launches have evolved into very inspired looks that are sweeping the fashion world. Last Fashion Week you couldn’t blink without seeing a fresh shag. It was the ‘Rachel’ reinvented; a modern take on a classic hit. With a thicker fringe and an edgier finish, the shag is appealing to anybody, and almost any hair type. This is the cut to get for fall. Girls, it’s time to trade in your princess layers for some texture!


The top knot has also seen a major shift. We’ve seen the beautiful ballet inspired bun turn into the half-up top knot. I have to say, I tried to bring on this trend over a year ago, and everybody was hating on me, hard. But alas, there isn’t a girl I know with a length of hair that isn’t rocking out this look. The key to the half-up top knot or pony tail is to truly keep it careless. Don’t style your hair; wear it with it’s natural texture and enhance it with a beach spray or texture dust. L’Oreal Professional texture dust or Beach Waves are amazing products for wash and go hair. The biggest mistake I’ve seen is girls with perfectly coiffed grunge looks. If we have learned anything from the ‘90s grunge, it’s a truly effortless look. Add a trench over any outfit with combat boots and you could be walking the Fall 2016 runway.

halftopknot beachwaves