What doesn’t kill you makes you blonder!

Welcome to the Okanagan – the land of the blondes! Coast to coast, the sunshine valley is known for beautiful people and even more beautiful blondes. Be warned, before you take the platinum plunge there are a few things you need to know! What is the best blonde for you? How will blonde accommodate your lifestyle? One of the most important “blondisms” to consider – can the precious locks you cherish so much handle the heat?

We are all guilty of swooning over the cloud white, blonde bellas on social media, but unless you have cool undertones in your skin this look will look fake. Ok, it also looks fake on cool tones, but it looks good fake. It will not highlight the features of your face nicely if the tone of your hair is clashing with the tone of your skin. This is also the highest maintenance blonde – requiring a visit to the salon at least every four weeks for a refresh.

Warm tones are often mistaken for yellow hair, so clients will often automatically ask for cool or beige tones, but a warm blonde will compliment skin tones that are more olive toned, and natural hair that is darker. A warm blonde can still be bright blonde, and it does not mean that it is yellow. That is where the importance of a good colourist comes into play to achieve the right tone for you!

Beige, or natural blondes, suit almost all skin tones but look best on those who are more pink. These blondes are great for lighter levels that want to sun kiss their hair with balayage for summer.

HOT TIP – Balayage means “to sweep”, and it is not mean to give strong, hard lines. It will create a soft graduated effect, and you can choose the intensity by going heavier or lighter on the brush to create a more bold, yet still soft effect.

Balayage, golden, or cool blonde, you still need to consider what you have done to your hair previously before amping up the light. If you have existing colour on your hair, especially if it is medium brown or darker, it will take at least two appointments to get your ideal lightness while maintaining the integrity of your hair. If you have long hair, chances are split ends live amongst you. If you are a beautiful blonde, you will have to part with a trim in order to keep those splits sealed.

In order to maintain your new blonde locks, home care is essential after your salon visit. Keeping your hair moisturized from the inside out will help keep the tone even and bright, and your hair healthy and shiny. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolute Repair Masque is great for all hair types, and can be used once a week to keep the hair strong and healthy without weighing it down.

BUYER BEWARE – You can find purple shampoo almost anywhere that promises to cancel out that brassy blonde and leave you with icy blonde hair, but some of these shampoos and conditioners can be very intense and leave you with a ‘fancy full finish’ post lather. Only use what your savvy stylist recommends!

Most of the Pomme Team is blonde, yet none of our hair looks the same because we all have a blonde to suit us. Our looks are totally unique for who we are, and what suits our skin tone and hair level best.

Everything is just better when you love your hair!

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